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Introducing Digital Branch Secrets: eCommerce Playbook for Distributors . Pulled from our experience, B2B eCommerce expertise, best practices, and client insights, this book lays out the X eCommerce System (XES) – a seven-component system for driving your digital growth.

The Latest Insights

Salsify Acquires B2X Partners

To solve the incredibly important problem of exchanging content between manufacturer and distributors, Salsify acquires B2X Partners.

Why Aren’t More Distributors Getting eCommerce Right?

When you start to talk about digital at every meeting, people will start to realize that its part of your company’s DNA. When Digital is a part of your DNA, you have started to build your Digital Branch.

User Acceptance Testing versus Usability Testing

The acronyms in this eCommerce world get a little crazy.  There are two that have been especially confusing recently for the Distributors that we work with.  UAT vs. UT.  That is User Acceptance Testing versus Usability Testing.

Video: It’s not about Technology!! It’s about Change

Forget about marketing externally to our customers.  We have to start our B2B eCommerce projects by marketing internally to our own people.  This is not about getting the right technology or implementing technology.  This is about change management.

Why Your Customers Aren’t Using Your eCommerce Site (Adoption)?

I did a recent keynote at the Insite Software User Group. I addressed a very important topic on why Customers don’t adopt or use a distributors eCommerce site.

[Video] Customer Adoption Begins with Aligning Your Sales Team

An interesting correlation to Customer Adoption. It is all about aligning your organization to your eCommerce initiative, and that typically starts with aligning compensation.

Video: Requiring eCommerce To Do Business

Governments, universities, and large institutions are beginning to mandate that eCommerce be a part of contracts. So in order to even receive the work, you have to have those capabilities. In this video, Justin King explains how and why…

Video: Data Curators vs. Data Aggregators

What is data curation and how can distributors use it to their advantage? In this excerpt from our latest Master Class: Same Data, New Landscape, we discuss the difference between data aggregators and data curators. Distributors can use a data curation strategy to create a competitive edge and differentiate themselves from aggregators.

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Introducing a NEW book from B2X Partners: Digital Branch Secrets – eCommerce Playbook for Distributors.



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