A New Direction for Grainger’s Homepage

A New Direction for Grainger’s Homepage

A New Direction for Grainger’s Homepage

Grainger.com is rolling out a brand new home page and user experience to users.  Grainger is opting for a cleaner, more updated look with additional white space.  Messaging at the top is more about how Grainger can help it’s customer do their jobs instead of pushing specific product or advertising various promotions.  There isn’t a rotating banner any longer, which helps the user stay focused on registering or logging in.  The log in is on the left instead of product categories and the marketing spot across the top is solely focused on encouraging registration.    They’ve pulled up 6 major product categories with small images and then follow with three small marketing spots underneath.

The New Grainger.com Home Page!

When you log in, the product categories disappear and they show you recent products you have reviewed instead of those product categories.  They’re assuming users are going to want to go right back to where they left off.

This is the old look

Even the big guys are constantly improving their user experience.  They continually test and get smarter and enhance the online shopping experience for their customers.


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