Maturity Results: Acquisition

Your results indicate you are in the Acquisition Stage.


Now that you’ve built a site and organizational support for growth, your focus is on acquiring new customers and expanding the customer base. In this phase, eCommerce sales are typically over 40 percent of total revenue.


Acquisition, of course, isn’t just about acquisition. It is really the intersection of adoption and acquisition. You have a solid foundation to deal with your existing customers and to bring new customers into the fold.

Update Your Plan / Strategy

Continue your adoption plan, but now add a customer acquisition strategy. Focus on driving traffic and conversion rate optimization (CRO).


Customer Acquisition is a simple formula of Traffic * Conversion * Average Order Value = Revenue.


You can drive traffic through SEO, Paid Ads (SEM, PPC), and Social Media.


Conversion is all about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).


Average Order Value (AOV) is all about Merchandising (cross-sell, up-sells and related products).


Difference between Adoption and Acquisition

This video shows the difference in Frameworks between Acquisition and Adoption.

People: Building the Team

You can now expand your team for acquisition. Digital marketing, SEO, social media reps, and copywriters are the key members to add to your team at this stage.


Continue to build your development and technical resources.

Make sure you have the right Technology

Most B2B platforms can support B2C (guest buying) as well. Does your platform support what you need? Marketing automation will be key for this phase.


Does your technology have the ability to test and track? Your UX will be about A/B testing and multivariate testing.


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Product Content: Put a Product Content Program in Place

Look to big-picture opportunities for improvement and innovation, including style guides, image standards, and tools like discovery widgets.


Continue to build your content program, focusing on unique data, cross-sell, and up-sell.


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Customer Experience

In this phase, UX is about test, track, and optimize. Start by doing user testing, then use A/B testing and multivariate testing to continuously test new areas and ideas.


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Analytics and KPIs

In acquisition, you need to track both registered / logged in users and non-logged in users.  Put advanced analytics in place that allows you to segment your data based off of these user states.


Make sure you have enhanced eCommerce settings in place, solid goals, etc.


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Marketing and Operations

With a trusted DigitalBranch in place, ramp up customer marketing initiatives, including customer adoption and new-customer acquisition. Look at customer service and fulfillment to define opportunities to differentiate your business.


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