Maturity Results: Reposition

Your results indicate you are in the Reposition Stage.


Building from the experience and knowledge of the previous phases, you look at opportunities to reposition your DigitalBranch to best serve your current and potential customers. In this phase, your eCommerce sales are above 30 percent of total revenue, and you are now pushing toward 40 to 50 percent of total revenue. In this phase, we are building the foundation for phase 4: acquisition.

Repositioning is building the foundation to scale the business.  To scale beyond customer adoption to customer acquisition + customer adoption.  You have customers using the site, giving you feedback, you have started to test and optimize new features.  Most companies in this stage:

Take a look at their technology – CMS, PIM, eCommerce Platform to make sure it is adequate to take on the challenge of scaling the business
Bring on more Digitally focused team members and developers.  Digital advertising – SEO, SEM, PPC will be critical for the next phase.

Update Your Plan / Strategy

With more than 30 percent of revenue, you should now be able to sell further investment into this channel to your executive team. How will you use the investment? Where are your current gaps? Define your two-year plan for eCommerce growth. What is the budget and human resourcing plan? As always, create a road map to getting to phase 4. Set SMART goals.


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People: Building the Team

How has getting talent onto your team been going?

By now, you should have the following seats filled:


  • eCommerce leader (DigitalBranch manager)
  • Product content manager
  • Platform analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Digital marketing


Consider hiring your own development team.  As we move through this stage, testing, measuring and optimizing will be key, and you need local resources to help you build to new technical requirements.

Make sure you have the right Technology

Often in this stage, it is time to redesign your site and update the UX as well as confirm you are using the right technology platforms. Review your eCommerce, CMS, on-site search, and PIM platforms.


Search and CMS is often the place to make heavier investments.


Look into advanced marketing automation tools.


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Product Content: Put a Product Content Program in Place

Make sure you have a program in place to keep your product content fresh and unique. By now, you probably have product information that is out of date.


Related products will help you build your average order value. Create a program to develop product up-sell, and cross-sell related products.


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Customer Experience

Redesign your site to reposition for the upcoming acquisition phase.


Think about a UX design for content marketing, SEO, blogs, and so on. Content marketing should be for optimization for Google and the other search engines.


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Analytics and KPIs

Review the scorecard and make changes as necessary to make it as understandable and actionable as possible. Use weekly meetings to drive change.


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Marketing and Operations

With a trusted DigitalBranch in place, ramp up customer marketing initiatives, including customer adoption and new-customer acquisition. Look at customer service and fulfillment to define opportunities to differentiate your business.


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