B2B eCommerce Site Examples: Quill.com

B2B eCommerce Site Examples: Quill.com

If you are looking for a great B2B e-commerce Example, Quill.com is a perfect example to emulate. From search to account management, Quill is focused on the Customer Experience and masking the complexity of ordering in a B2B environment.


B2B eCommerce Site Example Quill.com

Quill.com is a great example that showcases most of the best practices found in B2B e-commerce.

70% of web activity is spent on the process of finding information.

Quill recognizes this statistic for their own site, and it is apparent that they have  invested into their entire search and navigation experience.  Search and Navigation are tied together, not silos.  You can search then navigate, or navigate then search for the purpose of getting their customers to exactly the right product or content.

Their Type Ahead is especially impressive with all types of content coming back in the drop down.  Products, categories and even merchandising content with images are returned back as the user types into the search box.

Navigation includes a vast array and variety of attributes to be able to navigate on.  These attributes stay relevant based on what the user is search on.  The attributes themselves are extremely detailed and allow the user to multi-select, and even search within the results and attributes.

ROI is often calculated based on Traffic and Conversion, both of which Quill does an excellent job.



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