Most of my peers think I am crazy to give all of our best ideas to distributors using this platform instead of charging by the hour. They constantly tell me I give away way too much information. Maybe they are right, but I don’t think so. I think this is the future of agencies – practicing what we preach. Delivering value ONLINE.


I believe that this message, this system, these ideas, these best practices need to be shared to EVERY DISTRIBUTOR in the United States.


I am a teacher and coach at the end of the day and yes, I have heard that you hate consultants…


I am passionate about helping small and mid-sized distributors beat Amazon and the other competitors. So, you get all of our best ideas, our best products, and our best teaching and coaching.


The B2X Academy is where I spend most of my time.  My members get my attention and priority.  The Academy is THE MOST IMPORTANT service that we have – and I think you will love it.


One last note – I love over delivering to my members.


Justin King

Individual Membership (Monthly)

1 individual user
$197 per month

Full access

Discounted products

Discounted hourly consulting calls


Corporate Account

Unlimited users
$4995 per year

Full access

Discounted products

Discounted hourly consulting calls


What is the Academy? Over $20,000 in Value

  • Sharpen you our your staffs skills with training – this is first ever training platform to train you or your people about how to manage Digital change.  Everything from creating strategy to selecting technology to launching and driving customer adoption,.
  • Stay On Top of Changes – One of the primary challenges for Distributors is that the tools and technology are constantly changing. Keep up with the changes, thanks to a weekly Office Hours / webinar (available live and recorded B2X Academy Members).
  • Direct access to Justin King – Justin has changed his model to working almost exclusively with Academy members.
  • Discounted products and live training – in 2019, we will be launching multiple products and live training sessions around the U.S.  As a member, you will get first access as well as discounts to all products and events.
  • Discounted personal workshops – if the group training isn’t enough, Justin offers personal workshops exclusively for members of the Academy,