Building Your Digital Strategy

This is a two-step process to understand, assess and develop a custom strategy to drive your DigitalBranch.

Whether you are just starting out or have a mature practice, the eCommerce playbook starts with an assessment of your digital business.

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  • What is the current state of your digital properties?
  • How well are you doing?
  • How does it measure up to best practices?
  • What are best practices?

This is not a general industry analysis, or regurgitated vendor hyperbole. B2X utilizes its 20 years of hands-on eCommerce implementation experience, strong business and technical understanding, and a deep knowledge of vendor offerings to develop an assessment that is specific to your current state.


Through a series of interviews, discussions, and reviews of existing materials we will develop an assessment of your needs and an actionable set of recommendations to move forward with the best information available, enabling you to make an informed decision with respect to your eCommerce initiative.

B2B eCommerce Assessment

Identification and discussion of overall business objectives and outcomes. Mapping those objectives back to eCommerce project requirements.
Assessment and discussion of the current state of readiness regarding people, processes, and technology.
Assessment and discussion of product content readiness
Assessment and discussion of current skills versus those required to reach and maintain future state
Assessment and discussion regarding eCommerce integration points
Review and discussion of proposed alternatives, to include any already investigated
Discussion on current and future states

Customer Adoption Framework

A visual representation of the customer adoption framework from existing offline customer to repeat online orderer.

“I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know”


We hear this every day from distributors and manufacturers when it comes to Digital AND ECommerce. We help you bridge the gap between what you don’t know and what you want to be able to do by asking the right questions in order to uncover your unknown questions. We know all the vendors and how to differentiate them. While each project is different, here are a few activities that lay the foundation of a good b2b digital and eCommerce strategy:

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  • Define goals and vision
  • Site review & assessment
  • SEO & analytics audit
  • Competitive assessment
  • Customer impressions
  • Strategy & roadmap

Define Overall Goals & Vision

What outcomes are you trying to achieve?
What is your vision?
How does eCommerce fit into your corporate direction?

We always start with Discovery. Discovery is done on-site with your executive team and project team(s). We will define the overall opportunity for eCommerce within the “future state” company vision and determine how this translates into executional objectives for each focus area.

SEO & Analytics Assessment

Can your customers find you on Google?
How do you measure it?

Keyword analysis and understanding customer intent – that is, how prospects and customers i  your market or industry use Google and the other search engines to find product that you sell. Also includes an assessment of your current analytics and insights.

Competitive Assessment

Who are your competitors?
What are they doing online?
How does it compare to your vision and strategy?

B2X takes a look at your competitors’ eCommerce sites and identifies issues and opportunities for your organization against b both regional and national competitors.

Customer Impressions

Why do some customers buy from you online and some don’t?
What do they want and need in their digital customer experience?

Through interviews with select customers and internal stakeholders, B2X develops an independent review of what the current site supports well, and where opportunities for improvement lie.

Product Content Readiness

Do you have the product date to stock your online shelves?
Do you have the products organized in a way that makes sense to your target customers?
Do you have data on enough products?

You will need product content and lots of it to fully engage your customers online. Through interviews and discussions B2X will assess your current state of readiness with respect to  product content, and identify your areas of need.

Site and Technology Review & Assessment

How good is your current site?
What type of technology do you use?

What else is out there that may help you achieve your goals?

B2X evaluates your current website using a expert analysis to identify opportunities to incrementally improve the customer experience. B2X additionally assesses the current or proposed technology stack.

B2B eCommerce Strategy

How do we get there?
What should we do first?

The B2B eCommerce strategy is documented as a set of actionable recommendations to achieve your goals and objectives. This is the business case, blueprint, and roadmap rolled into a summary and narrative that you and your team can take immediate action on.