Customer-Centric UX & Design

This is where all of the components of your site – your strategy and technology and data – come to life. This is where you turn that information into a customer-centric design with an exceptional user experience and clean and modern look and feel.

  • How will the site look?
  • What is the customer experience?
  • How will we make sure the project is getting done right?

Designing the Customer Experience

Design is incredibly important. Based on your strategy, B2X designs the “look and feel” to achieve your desired outcomes. The following is the creative design process:

  • Persona development
  • Wireframes
  • Visual design – anonymous (not logged in) experience
  • Visual design – authenticated (logged in user) experience

  • Search experience design
  • Style guides
  • Design production (images, titles, video, attachments)

Video: Introducing B2B User Personas
Case Study: Consolidated Supply