Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Customer Experience Journey Mapping is an exercise that lets you experience your business through the eyes of your customers. It has profound impacts on your business operations and is also a core activity for creating customer-centric digital experiences.


The journey map is a visual roadmap of your customer’s buying experience from their perspective with their emotional highs and lows, their points of direct contact with your company (touchpoints).   The map displays customer front line interaction with company reps as well as behind the scenes support services and how well they orchestrate to serve customer’s needs.

Journey Mapping Sessions

Depending on your business needs, workshop sessions are done to create this customer journey map. It is a complex process, and B2X helps lead and facilitate the process. We bring our understanding of your industry, your business, and your challenges to driving an impactful, action-focused Customer Experience Journey Mapping process. At the end of the session, you get a visualization of your key customers’ paths through your company’s buying cycle, and identification of pain points with actionable solutions all tying to pre-established KPIs.

Why Do Journey Mapping?

The distribution market has already begun the shift to online.  Now, more than ever, competitive advantage, customer retention/spend, and maximizing ROI are linked to Customer Experience.  Per McKinsey, the online marketplace is driving the number of touchpoints up by 20% per year.  With more touchpoints comes more complexity in servicing customer needs successfully.

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