eCommerce Is All About Change

At the core, eCommerce and Digital is not about technology or marketing.  It is all about change – changing from where you are today to where you need to be in the future to compete in this new environment. This process when properly applied is known as “Digital Change Management.”


We hear these questions from B2B distributors and manufacturers every day – do they resonate with you?

  • CEO / Executive Team “I know we need to do digital and eCommerce, but I don’t know how to change my legacy business.”
  • eCommerce / Marketing Team “I was hired to lead digital and eCommerce, but my executive team hasn’t yet made this a strategic initiative.”

The Pathway To Change

After working with many distributors and manufacturers of all sizes, we have found the following is the most successful approach for implementing change.

  1. Get educated, build knowledge and a general understanding – we wrote “Digital Branch Secrets” to educate executive teams.  Read it.
  2. Get a leader for change – you need an executive sponsor that will sponsor the change needed in the organization
  3. Organize a change team – under the change leaders direction, build a cross-functional team of change-friendly, influential people in your organization
  4. Identify barriers to your change – processes and people
  5. Identify the impact of your change to your people
  6. Make a plan
  7. Create your business case
  8. Fund the plan
  9. Model the change for your organization
  10. Embed the change into the fabric of your organization

A couple of things: Fear is the primary reason people and organizations don’t change.  Identify barriers and fears as early as possible and put a plan in place to address.


Change is a program – not a project.  You make progress day over day, month over month and quarter over quarter.


Digital Change Management for B2B eCommerce organizations is extremely difficult to implement without help.  We rarely sell hard on our services – but in this area we encourage you to reach out.  If you need help, reach out today.

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