Driving Customer Adoption

“Build It and They Will Come” Is a Myth

It takes precise planning to encourage your customers to adopt your site. The E-Commerce Marketing Strategy is incredibly important, and is often not thought of until the site is about to go live.

  • What is the best way to launch our site?
  • Should we beta test our site with a few customers?
  • How do we get our customers to adopt our site?
  • How do we get new customers?
Involving Your Sales Team(s)

The sales team is the most important team within your organization to drive adoption of the new e-commerce site. Sales can make or break your new site. Your new site could be used as a tool for sales people to sell as a differentiator. However,  your organization needs to carefully plan out how  they will train and incentivize the sales team to  encourage their customers to use the site including:

  • Sales training
  • SPIFF and incentivizing plans
  • Communication plans
  • Leaderboards and gamification
Other Internal Teams

Your customer service and inside sales team interactions are perfect touch points to introduce your customers to your new site. A few example might include:

  • Develop inside sales SPIFF, leaderboards, and
  • Identify super users in Customer Service that will field and assist all web/e-commerce related questions in the first 60 days.
  • Develop customer service scripts for answering common questions and a FAQ for common customer service questions.
  • Use Customer Service super users to continuously update the FAQ located on the website.
  • Train Customer Service to send information to  prospects and customers using the new site.
Building Your 90 Day Go-Live Marketing Plan

B2X creates a 90 day marketing plan that addresses:

  • Internal and external communication
  • Customer cut over planning
  • Identifying beta customers
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Analytics dashboards and tracking
Beyond Go-Live

Digital is a program not a project. Your site is launched, and now what? How do you continuously drive adoption? How do we acquire new customers?

  • Digital marketing programs
  • E-mail and marketing automation
  • Blogging and content marketing
  • Social media optimization
  • Creative development
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