Fix On-Site Search

Your search box is the most important real estate on your site. However, understanding how your customers search and optimizing the search box takes a mix of resources and skill sets that are hard to find and hire. The B2X Partners on-site search service includes assessment, ongoing monitoring and optimization.

We’ll Track:

  • Review of zero search results
  • Review of search keywords
  • Establish On-site search analytics (typically takes 90 days)
  • Development of keyword landing pages
  • Maintenance of thesaurus and dictionary
  • Technical optimization of LUCENE for relevancy ranking and configuration

Podcast Episode: Your Search Box Sucks and How to Fix It

In this podcast, I jump right into the topic of “Your Search Box Sucks,” along with how Amazon does it so right and why most distributors’ search box doesn’t perform optimally. Implementing some basic improvements will help you mirror their success, and will pay dividends for your customer experience – and your business. On-site search is a program, not a one-time project. It’s an ongoing effort to optimize for personalization, spelling, good search results, inventory, and past order history.

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