Taking On Product Data Challenges

When planning your project, it is not just about the details. Your project plan should include eCommerce product content, technical architecture, design, and internal resources.

  • How to structure the taxonomy?
  • How will we build product data?
  • What resources do we need?
  • Who will execute our strategy?
  • How will we manage all of the moving pieces?

Building eCommerce Product
Content & Data

Building product data often starts with identifying where you are going to put all of this data. Product Information Management (PIM)—sometimes called Product Content Management (PCM)—includes the systems, strategies, and processes for managing product content. As B2B business evolves into more channels of access and distribution, PIM becomes more and more critical to the smooth, efficient transmission of information throughout the supply chain.

Organizations should consider using a PIM or PCM if any of these describe your organization:

  • You don’t have a place to centrally manage product content for eCommerce, business and channel partners, and other customer-facing channels.
  • Your product content today is managed through email and excel spreadsheets.
  • Your source of truth for product information is the internal facing data in the erp.
  • Your product information is stored and spread across multiple systems.
  • Your content is inconsistent or you have data quality issues

B2X helps develop your PIM strategy to streamline, centralize, and optimize your product content for easy updates, changes, and distribution throughout your business and to your trading partners.

Taxonomy & Product Strategy

Taxonomy Workshop (1 week intensive)
Attribution & Content Support
Data quality analysis
Data governance
Develop roadmap & recommendations


Needs assessment
Requirements and prioritization
RFP documentation
Identify vendors
Scoring and recommendations


Taxonomy and schema development
Setup and configuration
Integration (eCommerce, ERP, PLM)
Data quality
Data loading

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