CASE STUDY: EECO (Electrical Distributor)

A leading electrical supplies distributor, EECO provides electrical services and material management, specializing in supporting automation, motor and electrical usage needs.

With an eCommerce project underway, EECO brought in B2X Partners to review the site’s user experience and design. Seeing opportunities to provide a richer and more streamlined user experience, B2X Partners was brought in to provide analysis of the current competition and website, as well as provide strategic direction moving forward.

Drawing from this strategic plan, B2X redesigned the website – looking at fonts, colors and user experience that reflected and elevated EECO’s brand assets. A responsive design, we:
• Created separate authenticated and unauthenticated user experiences
• Streamlined the checkout for faster purchase completion
• Highlighted the onsite search bar with break color indicators
• Designed streamlined category and product pages to allow quick scanning for products and information

With a combination of user experience best practices and thoughtful web design, the website design better serves the user. A clear color palette and clean typography make the site consistent and easy to read. The careful use of bright colors to guide the user’s eye, helps make the site quick to navigate.

Crucial to the user experience was the building of a product taxonomy. This effort drives product discovery – through categorization and filtering. B2X Partners led a multi-day taxonomy website to build the initial framework with the EECO team. The ultimate goal was to empower EECO to own and drive their product data strategy and implementation.

In support of the website launch, B2X Partners provided a strategic roadmap, including:

  • Marketing launch plan
  • Communications strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization recommendations
B2X Services Implemented
  • eCommerce Strategy & Roadmap
  • eCommerce Site UX & Design
  • Taxonomy Workshop

Kind words from EECO

B2X Partners played a crucial role in our website redesign – starting with developing a detailed, comprehensive strategy, that followed through with a user-focused design. B2X has been a reliable, responsive partner throughout the process – providing expertise and insights into best practices and solutions. We are very excited for this new phase for EECO – with a strong, competitive website in place to make this step.

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