The Content and Commerce Conundrum

The Content and Commerce Conundrum

The Content and Commerce Conundrum
You have probably worked really hard to create a Brand and Marketing focused websites that tell great stories about your products, company and culture.   At some point you may have decided to give your customers access to ordering products.  The systems used to manage those two channels are typically Content Management Systems and e-commerce Platforms.  Typically, those two systems were completely separate and as customers expect more and more from your online channel, that separation has created lots of questions:

  • What content should I publish where?
  • My customers don’t want 10 separate URLs anymore, so how I do combine great buying experiences and great story experiences?
  • Wait a minute, I feel like I am not even asking the right question.

In the industry – analysts, agencies and vendors are referring to this as Content and Commerce.

The problem with Content and Commerce

Content and Commerce is an extremely important and confusing topic. It is actually an issue that for change started in B2B (specifically Manufacturing) and is making its way to B2C / Retail

The issue with this discussion is that Content Commerce is not even the problem!  Click through the presentation below.  It is less presentation and more just telling the story.  Does this resonate?  If so, let me know.