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[Video] Customer Adoption Begins with Aligning Your Sales Team


My last company, Endeca, was purchased by Oracle. At Oracle they had a fascinating way of changing behavior. If they wanted to change behavior inside the company, the first thing they did was start with sales. Sales – that’s right. So if they wanted to not have customers buy a specific product, or wanted customers to buy a specific product, what they did was start with sales. So they started with sales and said “Listen. For this product, you’re only going to get paid 40%; 40% of your commission on that product.” And that’s a product that they don’t want to sell, or that they don’t want to use. And for a product that they want to sell, they would offer their salespeople 125%, 140%, 150%, of their commission for that. So how does that apply to you? Listen: the easiest way to get adoption, it’s an exaggeration and it’s pretty extreme, but the best way to get adoption inside of your company is for you to offer a sales program and sales incentive that aligns with the behavior that you want.