Designing the Customer Experience

Designing the Customer Experience

Designing the Customer Experience


One of the things you’ve heard me say over and over, is how important it is to design a website that is customer-centric. While technology challenges will take the most effort and labor, it all needs to be in the service of providing your customers exceptional tools, rather than solving your business problems. Gerry McGovern,  the author of “Content Critical” and “The Web Content Style Guide” writes:

I’ve seen that customer focus is the essence of the web economy. The web changes the dynamics of the relationship between the organization and the customer. The customer is more empowered, more in control. Most organizations aren’t focusing enough on the customer. Their marketing material might talk about how important the customer is, but the culture of most companies is organization-centric—they focus on themselves. The problem with this approach is that organization-centric websites fail. The customer-centric websites are the ones that succeed.

Whether you’re starting from scratch with no eCommerce site or you’re seeking to improve your current online experience through a redesign, you should leverage our proven design process and principles for your online transformation.

A structured design process will provide clear direction to the eCommerce team.  Everyone will know their roles and will feel that their input is considered at the appropriate time.  While there is always a need to adapt and be flexible throughout the design journey, adhering to an overall structure will provide direction for all involved and can reduce the general length of the project.

While a clear project structure is essential, it’s also important to consider B2B best practices and design principles that are meaningful to your customers – always put your customer first.  Create an experience that focuses on your customer and their job.  While there are complex decisions that you and your team will make, always put yourself in the shoes of your customer.

The time is now to understand and wrap your hands around this challenge. As the digital space becomes more savvy and competitive – customer experience (CX) will be a crucial differentatiator. As Forrester Research predicts in their report: Predictions 2018 A Year of Reckoning:

In 2018, 30% of companies will see further declines in CX performance, and those declines will translate into a net loss of a point of growth. Smart executives will intervene to make CX an internal disruptive force, one that is underpinned by the fundamentals of CX management with customer trust at the core…