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Grainger’s site is a new, slimmed-down approach to industrial shopping and purchasing. They know this is a new direction online, and new directions require a few core supporting tools:

  • Excellent user experience that makes new process seem familiar and intuitive
  • Analytics to track what is working and what isn’t
  • Educational support

Today, we’re looking just at Gamut’s email marketing. Their Welcome Series emails does a few very nice things right off the bat:

Looking from the top-down we see a number of simple-looking but sophisticated choices:

  • slim logo so you get to the meat of the email quickly
  • purchase promotion called out with a red background
  • interesting image showing a person walking – reflecting forward motion
  • a quick overview of the benefits of Gamut with a clear CTA
  • an easy opt-out of the Welcome Series. 
    We are partial to small gestures like this. They give a nod to your customers to show that you know what they know and want to respect their time.
  • education on the UX of the new site:
    • Category Images: showing what kind of images appear on the site, how they can be used, and your customer benefits
    • Product Descriptions: describing the points of differentiation and benefits of their product descriptions. A detail, but one they know their customers will value.

The Takeaways

  1. Define the points of communication where you’ll teach and promote the why and how of your site, for example:
    • on your site
    • on social media
    • through email marketing
  2. Design your other communications to reflect your brand and be optimized for the medium (in this case, email)
  3. Consider where you can customize or highlight points of differentiation or value that you provide your customers. Where can you show them that you get it?

Questions for you: Do you do email marketing?  What is the content?  Who does it serve? Who isn’t being served?