Grainger Advertising: What Is Going on Here?

Grainger Advertising: What Is Going on Here?

Grainger Advertising: What Is Going on Here?

This ad recently showed up in my Facebook feed. It’s an advertisement for Grainger – which is why it displays as a “Sponsored” post. There are a lot of things that this ad does right, and we want to break down exactly how:

What this ad is doing:

  1. Defines a “pain point” and a solution. Here the pain point is “getting your boss onboard.” This is mentioned twice – in the copy above the ad and in the link description.
  2. Has two clear calls to action:
    1. to “Like” the Grainger page
    2. to Download this information
  3. It uses a stock image that has been modified to have the Grainger color palette – using the red to highlight the image and reinforce the Grainger branding
  4. Uses clean and straightforward language that focuses on “you”

What happens next:

  1. Once you click on the ad, a modal appears with:
    1. Same image as the ad (reiterated throughout this process)
    2. Additional details on the benefits to signing up
    3. A call to action
    4. A simple form
  2. Then, the ability to opt-in to the Grainger email marketing list
  3. Thank you page – with a link to the Grainger website, which is a landing page with more information about this downloadable resource.


The Takeaways:

  1. This ad is crafted directly to its audience. The ad target is an employee of a Grainger customer (or potential Grainger customer), that needs to convince their boss that they should take on eProcurement. It is written with words and terms that are clear, relevant and specific. Imagine if instead of writing “cut down on the number of people it takes to get approval,” the ad said “get approval more quickly and easily.” The second copy is much more generic, and isn’t as impactful as the copy here, which shows that Grainger understands your work environment, your work challenges and what a solution looks like.
  2. The ad is you-focused and has this positive message: you know what needs to happen, let us help you get it done.
  3. The ad shows a pain point and presents a solution. We can reverse engineer to see how Grainger could get here:
    1. Goal: To grow their eProcurement business. Especially, given the threat from Amazon.
    2. Barrier: Customer adoption
    3. Challenge: The people directly impacted by not having eProcurement aren’t the same people who can make the decision about whether or not to implement it.
    4. One solution: Give the people wanting eProcurement the tools to help the decision-makers say yes: e.g. a PPT sales presentation that can be easily customized and circulated
    5. Distribution: Grainger website, Facebook posts and advertising, etc.
  4. The ad reflects and elevates the awareness and value of Grainger. It reinforces their service capabilities, their understanding of their customers’ challenges, and their ability to provide thoughtful, strategic solutions.
  5. Facebook is for B2B. Your customers are on Facebook. A report from 2016 says that 71% of internet users are on Facebook. From Facebook Audience Insights into US statistics: 59% of all women on Facebook are age 25-54, 63% of all men on Facebook are age 25-54.


One last word…

This is just one ad, in a vast advertising budget. While it displays best practices, the beauty of digital advertising is to test, learn and iterate. It’s an ongoing process of discovery of the words, copy, products and services that resonate with your customers.