Improving your Customer Experience: The Amazon Effect

Improving your Customer Experience: The Amazon Effect

Your customers don’t live in a vacuum. B2B customer expectations are impacted by their experiences on the web – in their personal lives and their responsibilities on the job.

The Amazon Effect – How to Create a Competitive Customer Experiences

Amazon has set the bar for customer experience. I share my thoughts on how to follow the Amazon approach in a new tED Magazine article called “Are You Really Making Your Customer’s Jobs Easier? Part 1” and specifically about electrical distributors in “Part 2”.

Here, we talk about how B2B distributors can use tools like customer journey mapping to get inside the minds and experiences of your customers. Understanding your customers is primary in delivery an Amazon-like customer experience, and making their lives easier.

If you want someone to come back to you every single time…you have to make them feel really important, pay a lot of attention to them, and/or help them be competent in their own jobs.