Motion Industries Moves Forward

Motion Industries Moves Forward

Motion Industries Moves Forward

In the past couple of months, Motion Industries has made some big design changes to their website. We’ll look at two key areas that reflect these developments.

The Homepage

The biggest change on the homepage is a clearer focus on product selling. This is achieved in a few ways:

  • The navigation has been stripped down to shopping and self service. Big text and icons highlight My Account and the Cart.
    Where before a gray bar with icons highlighted Motion Industries services, this information has been moved up above My Account and in smaller text, and to the footer.  Why? A guess: they are responding to their customers’ behaviors and desires – to use the site to research and purchase products. 
  • The search bar is bigger and more prominently placed –  right below the logo
  • Product category images have become bigger, against a white background and in full color
  • Product subcategories aren’t displayed with the product categories, giving the entire site more white space and making the site look less cluttered. Even the main marketing banner copy is reduced.
  • The primary font has been changed from Arial to a more contemporary-looking Source Sans.
  • The effect: a modern, clean and clear site that’s easier to search and shop.


Product Detail Pages

The biggest change on the homepage is a restructuring of the hierarchy of information. This is achieved in a few ways:

  • Key information got bigger and more prominent:
    • Product image is bigger
    • Price is bigger and bold
    • Product title is shortened for better readability: with a short title and then key information below
    • ADD TO CART button is green – this is a new color that is added to the Motion Industries palette and now used throughout the site
    • “In Stock” is highlighted with a blue informational icon
  • Sections are “chunked” for quicker scanning of the page to get to a particular section.
  • Additional product selling is occurring on the page with Product Substitutions and Related Products.  For a deeper dive into this, see our lesson: Cross-Selling and Up-Selling on Your Product Detail Page (PDP).
  • Related literature and video is pulled out for better visibility and usuability
  • Product reviews have been implemented (a tool used by Grainger, Platt and MSC Direct, among others)


The Takeaways

If driving revenue is a primary objective of your site, how can your design be optimized to meet those goals? Motion Industries has taken clear steps towards making the site more user-friendly and shopping-friendly. While these design choices may seem minor, they aren’t insignificant – they are done to help drive their online business. We’ll continue watching the space as more changes come.