MSC’s New My Account’s Latest Look

We are constantly looking at the leaders in the space to follow what they are testing and learning. When design changes happen, we can safely assume they are not done for pleasure, but for the goal of driving their business objectives: for example – revenue, margin or customer acquisition.

Design changes are made, because they are:

  • shown to work (after testing)
  • for testing to see if they will work
  • responding to user behavior on the website
  • optimizing to customer feedback

We’ve noticed a recent change to the homepage of MSCDirect.


MSCDirect – Before

This is what the site used to look like

MSC Before

MSC Before


MSC Today

This is the new site.

MSC After

Notice the old multi-product view

Multiproduct View – Before


versus the new Multi-product view

Multiproduct View – After


MSC Direct’s latest homepage refresh leverages a few key Customer Experience tactics:

  • Content:
    • Customer-data driven information with new “Categories that might interest you” that can reflect past purchases and recently viewed products
    • Recently Viewed Products highlighted on the homepage
  • Multiproduct View:
    • Increased arrow size for easier scrolling
    • Left-justified text, for better readability
    • Increased size and visual impact on ADD TO CART buttons
  • Color:
    • Careful use of the bright blue color to indicate actions: squares to toggle through pages, CTA buttons and to highlight key product areas: “Categories that might interest you,” “All Categories” and “Recently viewed” products.
    • Reduction of gray backgrounds and outlines for more white space, making the site look cleaner and more modern
    • Color contrast in the footer (background changed from white to dark gray) to indicate the bottom of the page