A New Approach For Selecting a B2B E-Commerce Platform

A New Approach For Selecting a B2B eCommerce Platform

A New Approach For Selecting a B2B E-Commerce Platform

We have a new methodology to help you select a B2B eCommerce platform. The new methodology, called AgileRFP,  walks you step by step through the b2b eCommerce selection process.

Why do we need a new approach?

The RFP process is broken.  Most B2B companies struggle when they select a new platform because of lack of knowledge and resources to make good decisions.  Over the past couple of years, I have watched B2B companies struggle through their selection process and make bad decisions.  As a result, the AgileRFP is a step by step, agile, and social approach to selecting B2B eCommerce platforms.  It is a new approach, built from the best examples of companies that have executed a great selection process.

Organizations that follow this agile methodology, will benefit by:

  • Having a thorough understanding of B2B eCommerce Platforms
  • Identifying clear differentiators between vendors
  • Integrating the selection process into your project
  • Shorter selection time frames
  • Creating user stories and requirements for the Design phase
  • Decreasing cost
  • Making clear and concise decisions
  • Receiving confident estimates

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