B2B Leaders Gather for Oracle B2B eCommerce Summit

B2B Leaders Gather for Oracle B2B eCommerce Summit

Next week, I am emceeing and speaking at our annual B2B e-commerce Summit.  It is a great event that we have been doing for the last 5 years – first as Endeca and now continuing as Oracle.  My favorite part of the event is that it is almost all customer content,  addressing topics from product content to ERP integration to personalization.  All content will be specific to B2B e-commerce.  Cool stuff.

After listening to reviewing content with our speakers, I decided to go with the theme “The Balance between Customer Experience and Complexity”.   The idea is that most companies want to deliver a great customer experience, but in B2B we have to deliver that in the context of our complexity.  Our customers, our products and even our internal systems and processes are complex.  So, this event is going to address both:  dealing with complexity and how to deliver a great commerce customer experience.


B2B Leaders Gather for 2014 Oracle B2B e-Commerce Summit

Oracle today announced the Oracle B2B e-Commerce Summit, taking place February 13, 2014 at The Fairmont Hotel, Millennium Park in Chicago. Bringing together Oracle, partners, peers and B2B commerce leaders, the event will uncover best practices, thought leadership and real-world commerce experiences. Moreover, the Summit will feature case studies across industries from organizations leveraging technology and tactics to exceed customer expectations.

News Facts

  • In the October 2012 report entitled “Key Trends In B2B eCommerce For 2013,” Forrester Research, Inc., notes that “customer-facing front-end business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce is poised to reach $559 billion in US sales by the end of 2013.”
  • The 2014 Oracle B2B e-Commerce Summit will focus on the unique attributes and complexities of B2B commerce, recognizing cross-channel commerce as a growing force in the marketplace. In addition to a robust agenda of B2B content, the Summit will feature exclusive networking opportunities for B2B commerce professionals, and a demo solutions pavilion.
  • The Oracle B2B Commerce Summit is focused specifically on the challenges facing B2B commerce professionals. Key themes and tracks at the 2014 Summit include:
    • Cross-Channel Strategy
    • Custom Catalogs
    • Online User Experience
    • Mobile and B2B
    • Online Marketing
    • Analytics and ROI
    • SEO for B2B
    • Big Data
  • Confirmed speakers include:
    • Deluxe Corporation: Tim Carroll, VP E-Commerce and Todd Sather, VP of IT
    • Forrester Research, Inc.: Peter Sheldon, Principal Analyst
    • Lawson Products: Jody Yeganeh, Senior Director eCommerce
    • Medline Industries: Michael McMahon, VP eCommerce and Michael Evans, eCommerce Manager
    • National Pen: Shankar Sitapati, Director of Enterprise Applications
    • Oracle: Justin King, B2B e-Commerce Strategist
    • Parts Now: Mary Ellen Cutshall, VP Technology Transformation


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Supporting Quotes

“From delivering exceptional product content online to ensuring the customer experience is seamless across all touch points and channels, there’s a huge opportunity for all of us in B2B to improve our eCommerce strategies,” said Jody Yeganeh, Senior Director eCommerce, Lawson Products. “We look forward to sharing Lawson Product’s eCommerce story at the Oracle B2B Commerce Summit, and we hope to gather eCommerce best practices and tips from other B2B organizations.”

“B2B eCommerce is a unique topic, so it’s great that the Oracle B2B Commerce Summit enables B2B professionals to share their experiences and to network and learn from their peers,” said Chad Petersen, Director, eCommerce, Carolina Biological Supply Company. “While our companies vary greatly, at the end of the day, we’re all facing similar challenges with serving the B2B marketplace. It’s exciting to hear from leaders in the field and learn from one another.”

“B2B organizations continue to strive toward achieving success in cross-channel commerce, yet there remain challenges and complexities unique to B2B when it comes to delivering commerce experiences that exceed customer expectations,” said John Andrews, Vice President of Product Management, Oracle. “The Oracle B2B Commerce Summit will dive into real-world case studies from B2B thought leaders across industries to give B2B commerce professionals the confidence and expertise needed to drive success in the complex world of B2B commerce.”