San Jose B2B eCommerce Happy Hour

San Jose B2B eCommerce Happy Hour

San Jose B2B eCommerce Happy Hour

Oracle B2B eCommerce Happy Hour: How to Thrive in the Era of B2B eCommerce Transformation

forrester-logo-203The B2B buyer of yesteryear is long gone.

Digital technologies have changed the way business professionals research and buy products and raised the bar on expectations for great experiences.

Leading B2B brands know they must transform their business if they expect to thrive and even survive.

But the journey is filled with challenges unique to B2B. How can you keep up?

If you want to join the ranks of the “thrivers”, then join Oracle and guest B2B eCommerce analyst, Andy Hoar, from Forrester for a special event: “How To Thrive in the Era of B2B eCommerce Transformation.”

You’ll learn:

  • Key findings from Forrester’s recent studies on B2B E-commerce and the new B2B buyer
  • The essential components of the modern digital experience ecosystem
  • How to add value and build loyalty by helping buyers do their jobs easier
  • Practical steps to accelerate your digital transformation
  • You’ll also see demonstrations of Oracle B2B eCommerce in action.

If you live close to Atlanta, join Andy Hoar and Justin King to hear about some fantastic new B2B E-Commerce Trends

About Andy Hoar

Andy serves eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. He focuses primarily on B2B and B2B2C eCommerce, as well as issues related to enabling channel partner businesses for manufacturers. Andy’s current research areas include multichannel retailing, mobile couponing, affiliate marketing, and enabling manufacturers to sell online.

Prior to joining Forrester, Andy spent 11 years in product and marketing leadership roles within Silicon Valley. In that time, he developed Yahoo’s Web2Store local shopping initiative, co-founded an eCommerce company, and helped create several award-winning products in the consumer Internet and mobile software spaces. Before moving to Silicon Valley, Andy spent four years in Washington, D.C., as a research analyst for an economic consulting firm. Andy has been quoted in various media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Internet Retailer, Direct Marketing News, American Banker, and CNBC.

Andy is a summa cum laude graduate in economics from the University of Dayton and holds an M.P.A. from Harvard University and an M.S. in integrated marketing from Northwestern University.

About Justin King

Justin has over 15 years experience as an agency guy, entrepreneur and evangelist in e-commerce. “The intersection of Big Data, Internet and the Hardware shift to the Cloud is a fascinating place to be, and I am thrilled to be on the forefront of this exciting new era.” Justin is the Global Commerce Evangelist at Oracle focused on B2B eCommerce. He works with customers to help them understand and build e-commerce strategies that are visionary, tactical, and have meaningful business impact. He is the editor of ECOMMERCE and, regular contributor at, and Board Advisor to a software startup.

Justin King Profile

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