Digital Transformation: It Starts Here.

To start, how can we help you?

Executing on a digital strategy is neither easy nor cheap. We all know who some of the leaders are on the national stage: Grainger, MSC, Ferguson, Watsco, Sonepar, Graybar, Wesco, etc. These companies spend millions of dollars, have countless resources and employ a myriad of tactics to drive significant returns in their online channels. Their online channels are mature, they have evolved to a high level of engagement with both existing and prospective customers, yet there are obvious differences in how they approach the online channel.

Do You Know Where You Are and Where You Are Going?

Small and Mid-Size Distributors & Manufacturers Can Compete Online

At B2X we believe the online opportunity is not solely the domain of the national distributor spending tens of millions to establish their presence. Rather the independent is in many ways better positioned to capitalize on the online opportunity by implementing a digital strategy that unites all of their unique value propositions such as product knowledge, local branches, personal customer service together with a strong online presence to deliver even greater value to the contractor and institutional buyer.

A System For Success

Whatever stage you are in your digital maturity, we take a system-based approach to building your business. We call it the B2X eCommerce System (XES). It considers the seven components essential to launching and scaling your digital business.
Our services align to understand, assess and build each component.

The first component in the plan – a comprehensive, strategic plan that is geared around driving sales through your online traffic. A business has to build traffic (demand), convert visitors to sales (at an increasing order value), and generate return activity (loyalty). In B2B, we also need to drive adoption with our current customers.

Starting with a sound PLAN helps your organization create a comprehensive approach to achieve your desired outcomes.

“Build it, and they will come” is a lie…

Many view a Digital Strategy as launching their eCommerce site, loading some SKUs and waiting for the orders. The reality is much different.  At each stage of the sales cycle, companies must execute a myriad of tactics and programs to drive success in their online channel. A successful strategy should begin with your business objectives, consider your current state and include a roadmap to address gaps between the current state and your desired outcome.

B2X in Partnership

We partner with you as an integral part of your team to ensure the success of your Digital Transformation. B2X will bring the appropriate mix of expertise and experience to lead and execute each phase of the project, while at the same time ensuring your organization develops the appropriate internal resources along the way to continue your digital evolution.

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