Video: B2X Design Secrets Master Class Excerpt

What are the design secrets for B2B eCommerce success? What are the leaders doing right, and how can you implement their approaches? In this Master Class extract, Creative Director Chris Woehrle covers the “three U’s” of user experience and design. How do users, uses, and usability impact your customer experience?

Full Transcript:

If you look at eCommerce sites there’s a lot going on. eCommerce sites are generally busy – there’s a lot of information, there are a lot of products. There’s really a lot to handle, to process. What we’re trying to do to today is to pull back the curtain and show you the framework, the blueprint so to speak, for how we go about building an eCommerce site. So how do we do that? Where do we start? We start with U.So what does that mean, besides being a little bit cheesy? The letter U is for these three things: users, uses, and usability. So what do we mean by that? This is the focus – the very top-level focus we take when first thinking about a site. So the first thing we think about is the users – who is going to be using the site. Then we think of the uses – what are the uses of that site, what does that site need to do? And then usability, which is how easy is it to use. So real quick, that’s the macro level.

About this Master Class:

The full Master Class covers key components to great B2B eCommerce design. We call it “B2X Design Secrets: A Blueprint for Building Successful eCommerce Sites.”


  •  What the leading B2B eCommerce sites are doing right in their user experience
  •  What areas of your website to prioritize
  • How user experience and design can drive your digital business
  • Key terms: usability vs. user experience vs. user interface