NEW Video: The Biggest Killer to Any B2B eCommerce Project

The Biggest killer to any eComemrce project

What’s the single biggest killer to your B2B eCommerce project? Look to your right. Look to your left. Who are the people who are afraid to lose most when your customers start transacting online?

Full Transcript:

Sales people. You know the biggest killer of any B2B eCommerce project is the salesperson that says:

Listen, use our website to research product. But when you want to buy something, come to me and I’ll give you a better price.

One salesperson can kill an eCommerce site just because of that.

Why would a sales person say that? They would say that if they believe they won’t be comped the same, they won’t be paid, the same as if you buy on the website versus from them.

So there’s a huge part of this that’s about organizational alignment. Meaning – aligning all of our people, our process, our technology, to the new strategy. Where your salespeople don’t just encourage their customers to go to the website. They evangelize it. They push it. They sell the eCommerce site as their company. As the best representation of their company.

And that’s a huge transformation. That’s a huge change for most organizations to go through.

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