Is Branding Important for B2B eCommerce?

NEW Video: Is Branding Important for B2B eCommerce?

We have a brand new video that talks about the value and importance of branding for B2B eCommerce. Research into customer purchasing patterns shows us that when customers imagine a product, they link it to where they purchase the product. By creating a link between the products and your business, you can start integrating your business into their shopping patterns. By building this brand recognition, you can start edging out your competition. Start becoming the website that in their mind is associated with the best products you carry.

Full Transcript:

If you think of a lightbulb, what do you think of? When we think about product, we think first about what the product is.

When I think about lightbulbs, I think about the lightbulbs that I installed 10 years ago.  When my kids think of lightbulbs they think of LED and fluorescent lightbulbs, right?

THEN, everyone typically thinks of where they purchase the product. They can imagine the shelves. For me, it’s Lowes. As soon as I think of lightbulb, I think of where it is on the shelf.

That’s a really important concept. When it comes to products, it the same thing. We either immediately have an association of where to buy it. When we don’t know where to buy it, we go to Google. When we do know where to buy it, we go to Amazon. When I think of paper towels, books and electronics and things like that – I associate those products with Amazon.

How that translates into the distributor world – this is purely about BRAND AWARENESS.

When people think of a product and think about where I should research and buy it – that picture has to be engrained in their head. And that is a marketing effort or a repeat effort. With Amazon, they’ve proven that through repetition – I’ve bought paper towels there 15 times, I can go there for the 16th purchase.

From a distributor perspective, it’s about a marketing effort. That’s why we are talking more about Facebook – for that brand awareness. Brand awareness is a short-lived thing – so you can change that perspective pretty rapidly.

Say I start buying lightbulbs from a new place. After the first few times, that image in my head can shift – so I start picturing the new place rather than the old place.

It’s about branding and marketing.