From Customer Adoption to Customer Acquisition

NEW Video: From Customer Adoption to Customer Acquisition

We’ve been talking for a while about customer adoption, and now we’re starting to talk more and more about customer acquisition. Acquisition is the next step for making your eCommerce site a growth engine for your business.  It’s an exciting time for B2B eCommerce – with a focus on customer acquisition and loyalty, distributors and manufacturers are well positioned to grow.

Full Transcript:

We talk a lot about customer adoption. And customer adoption is critical. You’ve got to use customer adoption as the foundation. If you build something for your current customers, your future customers will most likely adopt it and use it as well. When we look at how to acquire customers, however, that requires an entirely new set of skills. We call it “customer acquisition.”

We’ve got to drive traffic to the website through search engine optimization, through Google paid ads, brand awareness of who we are and what we’re doing, we’ve got to do remarketing – that means when they come to our website, later, when they’re on another website, we’ve got to advertise back to them.

These are all things being done in the B2C world, but not being done as much, or to its full potential, in the B2B world. Then we have to take that traffic and convert it. That means great product information, great search, great navigation, great product detail pages, and a simple and intuitive transaction. Then we have to increase the average order value – meaning, we need to increase the size of the cart. We need to have merchandising that says “this product is related to these products.”

The whole point of this is to create customer loyalty. To create a customer that keeps coming backing. One benefit of B2B is our average order is already high – we might have a $500, $600, $1,200, $1,300, or $1,400 average order value. If we can increase that by 10% or 20% – we have an incredible opportunity.