Same Data - New Landscape

Video: Data Curators vs. Data Aggregators

Same Data - New LandscapeWhat is data curation and how can distributors use it to their advantage? In this excerpt from our latest Master Class: Same Data, New Landscape, we discuss the difference between data aggregators and data curators. Distributors can use a data curation strategy to create a competitive edge and differentiate themselves from aggregators.

Data curators have realized that trying to compete against an Amazon or Alibaba isn’t the best strategy. Instead of having millions of SKUs, curators focus on quality product data. Better product data creates a better user experience for their customers and potential customers.

Data curators:

  • Prioritize product discovery and user experience
  • Have rigorous standards for content
  • Modify and improve information from suppliers
  • Use product content to drive innovative UI/UX
  • Have a website that becomes a source for research and solutions

The full Master Class covers:

  • The difference between data aggregators and data curators
  • Why curators are succeeding and what that means for traditional distributors
  • How data curation can create a competitive advantage
  • The five elements necessary for successful data curation