Making Google Analytics Work For You

Video: Pageviews vs. Sessions

Making Google Analytics Work For You


In this new video, you’ll learn all about Google Analytics for B2B, especially how to understand Pageviews vs. Sessions.

A pageview is when a customer views a page on a site. Every refresh counts as a pageview.

A session is actually a very specific metric. It’s a count of when people come to the site, use the site, and then leave for at least thirty minutes. A session duration is how long a customer sticks around on a site.

This is an important metric because it’s helpful to know if people are coming to your website and engaging with it.

About this Master Class:

The full Master Class: Google Analytics for B2B, covers how to analyze and optimize your website. Google Analytics, a FREE tool, can transform your business.

In this Master Class, you’ll learn:

  • What the leading B2B eCommerce sites are doing right in their user experience
  • What areas of your website to prioritize
  • How user experience and design can drive your digital business
  • Key terms: usability vs. user experience vs. user interface