New VIDEO: My Passion for Transforming Distributors & Manufacturers

I work in a niche market. I know it, and I love it.

Digital Transformation for Distributors & Manufacturers

In my work at B2X Partners, we’re focused on digital transformation for distributors and manufacturers. We don’t help you sell your t-shirts online, we won’t set up an eBay storefront, and we aren’t going to drive your Etsy business. We are laser-focused on B2B eCommerce, and especially for distributors and manufacturers.

In this new video, I talk about how I got here, and why I love being right where I am today.

Full transcript:

The really cool thing about this has been that in the past I worked with really large companies like Ferguson, Grainger, and MSC. And all of the sudden I’m now working with the owners of these distributors and manufacturers. These family-owned businesses, the CEOs, the executive team. I just love, and am so passionate about, helping companies change. Companies change from what they did before and their legacies processes to new processes around digital and digital transformation.