Person-Powered Digital

Video: Person-Powered Digital

Person-powered digital in B2B eCommerce means leveraging your users’ online and offline experiences to continually optimize your site. This includes:

In this new video, learn how your website analytics can drive your website’s ongoing optimization. This includes user experience and product content. See how you can create a cycle for learning, testing, and improving that drives your eCommerce business. Plus: bring in your customer relationship management (CRM) and reporting to inform your sales team. This lets them have more relevant, productive, and impactful sales meetings. Then use this offline experience to inform your digital experience. It’s a fantastic system for creating learning and growth within your organization.

These videos are an extract from a full-length Master Class: Picking a Path to eCommerce Success.This Master Class looks at how your approach to selection and product management can help you compete where the B2B leaders struggle to succeed.