New Video: Introducing B2B User Personas

New Video: Introducing B2B User Personas

New Video: Introducing B2B User Personas


I wanted to share a brand new video that we created for our member site, the DigitalBranch. It’s all about getting the ball rolling on understanding customer experience. This video walks through user personas – what they are, how to create them, and their role in defining your customer experience. Because the better you understand your users, the better you can create a site that is great for them.

I hope it’s valuable – and, as always, please share your feedback!

Full script:

Introducing the B2B User Persona. To start: what is a B2B user persona?  Simply put, a persona is a representation of a type of user. For your business, it might be a contractor, or a buyer or a store rep.

As you can imagine, each of these personas have different goals, motivations, and work environments. By designing your website for their experience, you can make sure you are meeting their needs and making their jobs easier.

Who are your users? First things first. Your users are not necessarily the same as your customers. Your customers are businesses – and your users are the humans that are using your website. Also – you’ll have internal users as well. These are your employees that customers interact with: like sales reps, order fulfillment, and customer service staff.

So how do you define B2B User Personas?

  • Step 1: Ask, ask, ask (call up your trusted customers)
    • where do you struggle?
    • what can be quicker and easier?
    • what do you want to do and why?
  • Step 2: Watch (because people don’t always do what they say they do)
    • watch as they complete daily tasks
    • watch the workarounds and dead ends
    • watch the tools they use (maybe it’s search) versus the tools they don’t (maybe it’s Suggested Products)
    • do they use other external tools or technologies?
    • how do they talk with their colleagues about your website
  • Step 3: Collect the data
    • look at your web analytics
    • research your market segment
    • look to past customer surveys

Now that you’ve done this research, you can start synthesizing this information. As you pull it all together, you’ll identify patterns and insights that can create a fuller picture of your personas. Create 3-4 personas. Bring them to life with a name, photo, and details of their core challenge and their interaction with your site.

Finally: share your B2B user personas. Once you’ve decided on your personas, then share them internally and with any external partners you have that are designing or building your site, marketing materials or other business tools. Your personas should follow through your digital process – no matter what stage you are in – and be a constant reminder of who you are designing for.