What’s your trade slang – Platt.com?

What’s your trade slang – Platt.com?

What’s your trade slang – Platt.com?

We love the Platt.com site.  It is not sexy or cool.  It even looks a little dated.  So, why do we love it?  Because it is hyper focused on the customer and helping them do their job.

What’s Your Trade Slang?

Landing on the Product Detail Page (PDP), there is a lot to talk about, but let’s focus on one small piece of real estate.  Notice the areas highlighted below:


Platt collects trade slang terms from their customers to curate terms and phrases used by their customers in the field.  They then post them in the bottom section called “Also known as”.  This information is then fed back into the search algorithm and indexed.  All of this is curated from customers – which is beautiful.

When you click the “What’s your trade slang” link it opens up micro-form to submit your own trade-slang.  In a dropdown box, they show you past trade-slang that has been entered.


Key Takeaway

Product content is difficult to build.  Search terms and synonyms take time and resources to maintain. By giving the ability to make suggestions on your product to your customers, you can collect data from a variety of sources.  In addition, think about other ways of improving your product content WITH your customers by giving them tools to make other product suggestions:  applications, suggested products, better descriptions, or even just errors.