Why Aren’t More Distributors Getting eCommerce Right?

Sitting down with tED Magazine (The Electrical Distributor) again, we got a chance to talk about one of my favorite new topics.

I call it the Cute Whittle Webstore syndrome.  And many Distributors are infected by it.

In the article, I said this:

According to King, too many electrical distributors treat their e-commerce sites like pets. In other words, when those channels bring in an extra $500,000 in sales for the quarter, the company’s leadership pats it on the head and says: “What a cute little web store.” This is an approach that needs to be replaced with one that literally wraps digital into your distributorship’s DNA, King says.

That means including digital strategies, team members, and concepts into every meeting; getting everyone in the company talking about digital; and constantly asking yourself questions like, “How will this process or decision impact our digital strategy?” and “How can digital positively impact this process?”

Skip this important step, and your website will be nothing more than an additional revenue-generator that gets patted on the head every month, quarter, or year. “When you start to talk about digital at every meeting, people will start to realize that its part of your company’s DNA,” says King, “because you’re talking about it at branch, sales, corporate, and IT meetings.”

Check out the full article here

Is your eCommerce site a “Cute Whittle Webstore?”  Or is it a strategic Digital Branch?